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Upcoming event - My Father's Coat

Lord's Taverners South Africa is proud to be associated with 'My Father's Coat', Michael Charton's acclaimed story making the incredible story of South Africa more accessible.

A human story, told through the eyes of five directly-interlinked protagonists spanning 200 turbulent years: Mzilikazi; Kruger; Rhodes; Smuts; and Mandela.

And it is this human layer which has come to differentiate Michael. He has an ability to invite his audiences into the shoes of his characters, so highlighting the biases so prevalent to the South African story.

In doing so, he gradually allows for a layered and more balanced view of our past to be revealed. A unique experience providing fresh meaning and order to a notoriously complex topic.

Click here to book your tickets for the November 1 show in Hermanus.


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